Our Story

In this age of digital technology, few products are built to last; as we marvel and cherish yester-years mechanical cameras passed down by our fathers and grandfathers. However, to maintain and preserve these vintage cameras require skills and tools.

As years pass, the skills needed to repair such cameras are few and far between; it is difficult to find a new generation that is willing to learn the mechanical camera repair trade.

Mr. Philip Tay started learning the ropes of a camera technician at the age of 18. He has worked for Rollei Germany / Singapore and Shriro where he rose through the ranks, from a Junior Technician to Chief Technician in Nikon & Hasselblad service centres.

In 1991, Mr Tay set up DE Camera Consultant to continue his passion for repairing and restoring mechanical cameras, while juggling to care for his three young children as a single parent. Till this day, Mr Tay continues operating the company with the unwavering passion for his craft, and providing unparalleled service and dedication to his clients.

As an innovator, Mr Tay constantly researches and designs new products to take photography for these mechanical cameras to greater heights. He is also proud to fulfil his dreams of designing and locally manufacturing his own line of peripherals and gadgets for photography enthusiasts. One of his innovations, "Soft Shutter Release", continues to remain an international bestseller on his online store.

Mr Tay's main motivation is to help customers resuscitate classic cameras that were passed down from one generation to the next. Nothing gives him greater satisfaction than the smiles and gratitute of his clients when their cameras are back and functioning.

He hopes that by bringing to life these mechanical cameras, he would be able to kindle a love among the younger generations for these classic analogue cameras. He aims to inspire the next generation of photographers, to appreciate the superior make of these vintage cameras, and the raw quality of the photographs these cameras produce.

With his 40 years experience servicing classical cameras and lenses from brands such as Nikon, Rollei, Hasselblad, Voigtlander and Leica cameras, you can be assured that your gears are in the hands of a skilled master.