Soft Shutter Release

The Philip Tay soft shutter release has been carefully designed with two contours to suit photographer's need.

Each shutter release has a knurled diamond cut shape at the perimeter. This gives user the right amount of grip to screw the soft shutter release securely to the threaded shutter hole without slipping. The knurled diamond cut design also blends in seamlessly as per the classic camera knob design.

The screw thread length is designed such as those found in cable release. When screwed on, the shutter release sits flushed to the shutter button without any protrusion which adds to the aesthetics and ergonomics.

Which shape to choose?

The convex shape allows one to use the first joint of the index finger to control the shutter. This method gives precision in shutter control and suits majority of the users.

The concave shape allows one who generally use finger tip to release the shutter. The concave shape is also suitable especially for ladies who have slender index finger as it allows their finger tip to rest on the concave shape, giving extra comfort and control.